Welcome Coaches

Are you overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the
technology necessary to build a business online?

Are you not making enough money to hire help, 
keeping you in a state of overwork and stress?

Is your life out of balance, leaving you no time for
family, friends and YOU as a result
of devoting every spare minute to building your business?

Or, are you simply ready to delegate tasks that aren't
using your highest energy?

Isn't your time and energy better spent on coaching, marketing and selling rather than developing administrative systems?

As a Virtual Assistant for Coaches, I can offer these solutions:

  • In my business, I use online technology and tools every day and I actively seek and am connected to sources of new information and more efficient means for building a business online.
  • Growing a business requires building a team. Often the first person a business owner considers hiring is an Admin. A Virtual Assistant is a business owner who works remotely; an Admin who offers the added benefit of understanding the business-building process, in addition to having extensive administrative skills and experience.
  • The tools I use to build my business are virtually the same as what coaches need to build theirs. Everything I know and learn about building a business online benefits my clients.
  • As a Certified Virtual Assistant with The Coaches Console®, a web-based administrative and client management system, I can help you jumpstart your coaching business, providing everything you need RIGHT NOW to build a business foundation, including:

A Calendar function that automatically sends appointment reminders to you and your clients AND allows your clients to schedule and/or reschedule appointments
A Billing System tied into your Calendar, that keeps track of your rates and sessions coached, processing and emailing invoices at the click of a button
A Communication System that allows you to create unique letter templates and send them to one or multiple clients, in real time or scheduled, AND you can create a customized and branded newsletter to keep in touch with clients and prospects
A Customizable, Assignable Series of Forms and questionnaires to keep you on top of your clients' goals and progress  
A Private Client Site that your clients have access to with a unique, individual password, where they can pay their invoices, keep their goals and other intake information up-to-date, reschedule appointments and even upload documents
Your Own Marketing Website, if you need one, can be built into this system (at no extra cost), providing a portal for prospects that can be marketed online

Click here to take a tour of The Coaches Console®.

Are you looking for a full-service administrative system and web presence?

  • When you sign up for a 30 Day Trial with The Coaches Console®, I will personally walk you through the system and show you how it can be maximized right away to launch your business!
  • I will also provide a FREE 1 hour session once you become a Coaches Console client, to create a specific plan for building your Console to support your business right now.

Do you already have your systems in place and need Virtual Assistance in managing them, as well as building your online marketing funnel?

  • Let's set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs!

Leverage your time and energy.
Focus on what only YOU can do - market, sell and coach!

Email me at annebartoncva@gmail.com and I'll be happy to call you to discuss your unique situation!

Favorite Quotes:  

"Set your sights high, the higher the better. Expect the most wonderful things to happen, not in the future but right now. Realize that nothing is too good. Allow absolutely nothing to hamper you or hold you up in any way."  - Eileen Caddy

The three rules of work. 1. Out of clutter, find simplicity. 2. From discord, find harmony. 3. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." ~Albert Einstein

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” - Arabian proverb

“Write a goal every single month to eliminate a mess from your life, and when you do - abundance will come in.” - Raymond Aaron, Success Coach and Speaker


"Anne, I can't thank you enough for helping me with what steps to take next. I had no idea you would be sooo resourceful when we began working together and I am VERY grateful for all your expertise."
~  Terri O'Donnell, Yellow Brick Road Coaching

Dr. Deb Legge, Influential Therapist
"The day Anne Barton came into my life and every day with her since have been ones of great hope, blessing, possibility, accomplishment and joy. When I began searching for a colleague to partner with me in conceptualizing, building, launching and running my business, I had high hopes. I am reminded of the children from the Disney movie Mary Poppins who wrote a wonderfully delightful and seemingly impossible list of attributes for their Nanny to be. Their father burned the list in the fireplace declaring it nonsense. And then, when Mary Poppins shows up on the Banks’ doorstep, she magically produces the list and proves to be all that and so much more. My hopes and dreams for a collaborator were written on my heart and soul. When I was finally ready to go looking, the Universe accessed my list and" ... click here to read more.  

~Deborah Jane Wells
, DJW Life Coach

Certified Virtual Assistant with the Coaches Console
August 2009